How It Works

1.   Free to Register!!  Create an account with a user name and password.  You will have full access to search, post or network once you sign on  under the My Account section.

2.  Create a profile page with occupation, location, interests, etc.  Try to be as specific as possible!  The more information you provide, the more accurate the match will be.

3.  Either Create a Post of what you want to promote or what you are searching for.  Option to also Search for something you need at the top right corner of the home screen!


 Upload your post in the My Account Section. 

Include as many details as possible.  The post will automatically save if you are uploading a search.  You have the   option to Opt out of the Save button.   Email notification will be sent to alert you of your match based on the keywords entered in your post
You can change or add an additional post at any time.  



  You may search at the top right of the page

Search for keywords, last name, category (these will change, but right now they include Service, Product, Networking,      Employment), title (this is the title of the post), locations, city, zip code.

There is an option to save your search if Circle Search can not immediately match your search.
Email notification will be sent to alert you of your match based on the keywords entered in your search.

4.  Circle Search will link you to profiles relevant to your post or search.  Keywords entered by the individual will be used to form your match.  Circle Search LLC reserves the right to remove any inappropriate posts.

5.  Make your connection to individuals you have been linked to.  Ask a question!!  Circle Search does not get involved in the actual purchase. We will connect you with services / products; once you are connected the purchase is up to you.

Please Note-You must be registered to ask a question or to see full details.  Once you register, type in the keyword search and the post will appear.  You may then ask your question!

How does it work?
  • Register for FREE - Create a username and password.

  • Create a profile page with a brief description of yourself including occupation, location, interests

  • Create a post of what you would like to promote and / or search for

  • Allow Circle Search to link you to relevant profiles based on your search/post.  

  • Make your connection with your individual profiles you have been linked to. Ask a question.